African Heart,

europäeische Welt

My Life began in the constellation of an

African Village and my Childhood was rich

& blessed with so many amazing Souls.

Maths & Eureka, 1976, South Africa  Maths was my best friend, my Guardian Angel and  what I believe, my "earth" grandfather... There was a special bond between all of us. Maths  was a very unique member of our family. We had the best grandparents we could ever have  wished for! My grandparents are one of the biggest treasures of  my childhood memories...  My grandmother was a gentle but strong Soul, who  always had three or four dogs lying near her feet.  An incredibly strong woman in her youth, she had lost her  life's passion when she had had to retire. She was a  wonderful grandmother, and I shall never forget her  warm, soft body that would always hold me when I  needed her. My grandfather was one of my heroes.  He was a community leader and a Father-Figure to  many Souls who needed him. His innitiative started  the first newspaper in Halfway House/Midrand.  My grandfather was a gentle, strong, loving and  passionate Soul. He had an amazing discipline, which he  tried to teach us.  My Grandfather had a philosophy -  "...don't waste film! Each photo you take, should be  good enough for the mantelpiece!" He taught us about the value of things, and  sustainability. The thing I remember and treasure most about him,  was his positive attitude & his deep respect for  Nature and God. My Mother taught me part of my "Mensch".  She has taught me how to communicate with people,  and most of all, how to love them.... The women in my family have been known to do  unconventional things...In the 80s, when a lot of  companies were closing down due to workforce  boycots, my uncle's business would also have  collapsed had my mother not gotten her Code10  driver's license to help deliver gas cylinders to their  clients.   My Father was like an encyclopedia!  He made me aware of the art world with his passion  of books, paintings & carpets. His unexpected death  was a new chapter in my life... One of the oldest friends my grandparents had, was  a woman by the name of Charlotte Heinemann. She  was like an additional grandmother to me. It was due  to her, that I one day realized, that I too could paint! Regretfully, I never told her this, before she passed  to peace.  The painting Charlotte is dedicated to her. Oonagh, (you pronounce it Una), is another  remarkable Soul who has graced my Life‘s Path. A nurse & a humanitarian, with much courage,  compassion & calm, she has always been an  inspiration & rolemodel. When my parents got divorced, another exceptional  Soul entered our lives... Heinz was the person who  gave me the motivation to draw! He was a retired  graphic designer. His love of nature and the holidays  we would spend in the bush with him, was another  strong influence on my life's perceptions... To each of us, Heinz gave our first cameras! He was a  beautiful Soul who knew exactly how to encourage  us to start something new. Like with all families, there came a time when our  family had real problems...very painful problems. This Soul, by the name of WIllie Skome, was the light  at the end of the tunnel for my mom and I!  I call her my African Mamma. Unfortunately with me going walkabout and her  moving around in South Africa, we have lost contact,  but it is one of my biggest wishes to be able to  introduce our children to her one day...