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The Red Scarf

The Red Scarf was inspired by the book

UNTOUCHED by Mariana Caplan.

The question is - what are we becoming?

Where is our society leading us to?

Maria was a woman of Flesh & Blood, is an

ode to what we have as potential - what lies

truly in our souls.

I do not believe that the average human

being is created to be violent or anti-social.

I believe that our society creates the

"monster". Our whole system does not aim

for social integration any longer. When we

read a book like Jean Liedloff's

CONTINUUM CONCEPT, we can see the

difference between typical Western society,

and the way God meant for us to live in

harmony. I have seen and experienced

several kinds of abuse such as sexism,

racism, family violence, substance abuse,

etc, and after studying various stituations, I

think and feel, that the problem stems from

one major source - the lack of society to

respect the individual and its desperate

need for a strong loving, bonding family


The problems will get worse, if we do not

stop and listen to our needs for genuine

love. The strong need for genuine love,

most people try and substitute with

materialism, alcoholism and abuse towards

others. We need a society, which values life,

realizes its greatness, and actually tries to

do something as a joint venture, to obtain

spiritual sustainability!

Starting with "love schools", there are

many, many souls who need to realize that

love is the only answer . . so many souls do

not love themselves, and are thus unable to

appreciate the value of their essence!

The Red Scarf is symbolic of the warning

colour red . . .

It is obvious that we are moving into

dangerous times now - the less we love

ourselves, the more loveless our society will


© Copyright: Eureka S. Beutler 2017
Maria was a Woman of Flesh & Blood 1998 Australia, Renovated 2017 Acrylic on Canvas, App. 110 x 137cms The mother of God was human!! It means to me that we all have the potential to grow into GREAT beings in this lifetime! It means to me that we all have great potentail, that we ALL have what it takes to advance on the path to Love and Universal understanding. …but think a little further.. think of what you, as a woman, can give the child you are bearing in your body!
Rocio Sees The Ripening…  Germany 1999,  Renovated 2017 Acrylic on Canvas  App. 105 x 120cms  I played with sexuality here.  The woman's outline shape is quite  phallic, yet her body is painted to be  erotically female, her braless breasts l eading the viewer on to think of the  awkwardness of sexuality.  The painting in the background is an  abstract image of a struggling soul and  the candle holders are symbols of  gender . . . What does she see?  Simply YOU. She challenges you  to find your truth! What is a Man?  Germany 1999, Acrylic on Canvas  App. 90 x 140cms  The pose is challenging, and yet,  the body is vulnerable.  In South Africa, a woman or a child  was raped EVERY 28 seconds!!  The respect for women worldwide,  needs to be redefined…  You can judge a „civilisation“, by how it treats its Women, Children &  Nature/ Environment What is YOUR perception of "manliness"? My Body is Me  Germany 1999, Acrylic on Canvas  App. 76 x 90cms  An "ANTI-MEDIA" pose,  revealing the most vulnerable and  beautiful part of a woman's body: her belly and chest  - the MOST sacred part -  the giver and nurturer of Life. What is Love?  2000 South Africa & Germany, Acrylic on Canvas, App. 100 x 120cms  A couple terrified of the "mistake" of intimacy. . .making a mistake in their natural  inclinations and if they do, would they still be accepted, would they still be good  enough to love? Shows the akwardness of society's perceptions on love making . . .  our UNBELIEVABLE fear of getting intimate, for it would show our souls and who we  are, and destroy our walls for a second or more…. Think of Shame  2000 South Africa & Germany, Acrylic on Canvas, App.: 47 x 90cms  The thoughts after being intimate . . .  after having revealed one's soul . . .  The walls are gone and  my heart feels vulnerable ...