It has been 11 long years

since I last did my websites….

Many  experiences have since enriched my Life, some saddening and some amazingly positive! But, nevertheless an experience to grow from. Losing my Father in 2006 challenged my „perception of reality“ tremendously. Having had a son in 2009, has turned my world upside down once again. It has been a journey, MY journey, and I would not change it for anything in the Universe. It has made me what I am today.

My Work has matured along

with my Life‘s Experiences…

It is important for me to have an authenticity in my work. After having discovered The Universal Laws, each thought and action is sometimes reflected on to the verge of my personal paralysis… And then there is the environmental issue. My beloved Grandfather would teach us the value of not wasting! I‘m grateful to have had that world of thought  instilled in me. In the days of „camera film“, where each roll of film was expensive, he taught us that each photo had to be something special, something you would want to frame and put on the mantel piece Our current „freedom status“ has led us to extravagance, which could eventually lead to our demise. In our generation, it has become extremely apparent to me, that we have to take exceptional care of what we create and what we waste! An amazing Potter once shared with me, that every ounce of clay I take to create my art with, (that is is burned and glazed,) will never be able to nourish a plant or tree again!“ Uta Kaufmann-Malsy So, it is with much thought and care I try and create, without leaving much of a negative impact on Mother Earth‘s wonderful surface. She is after all, OUR Mother, yours and mine. We belong to Her… not vice versa. She is my Muse, my Inspiration…our Flesh! When all has been Thought, Spoken & Done, it falls back into her lap… so what we think, say and do, will affect Her and our Descendants. How we shout into her mountains, will echo back onto our Childrens‘ Childrens‘ Childrens‘…

This Experience we call Life,

is so more enriching, when

seen with through the

Perceptions of others and try

and enrich our own with it…

My Children have been some of my greatest teachers! „When the Child enters your Life, it is a time to learn. It is not the time to teach. is time to relearn the life you have forgotten…“ Sadhguru And so much we HAVE forgotten! The sacredness of Family is so crucial to our survival as a Human Beings. We have forgotten to respect each other and we have forgotten that we NEED each other. We need our differences… We need the contrast, to relect on, to evolve. There is very little that belongs to us and which we can take with to the new dimension. The only thing that is truly needed, is Love & experience! When I create, I want my individual piece to have significant value: it must GIVE the viewer a Gift of thought or healing or peace…an experience. I really hope you enjoyed my Sight sharing.. Sincerely Eureka S. Beutler