The Power of the Petal

IN 2006 I became a scholar of the Law of Atrraction. Since then, it has changed my Life, where I have allowed it to…but Consciousness (yes, with a capitol C), is something you have to work on daily, sometimes SubConsciously, and sometimes Consciously. Unbeknowst to most individuals living on the surface of this amazing World, also known as Mother Earth, everything in our Universe is related, influenced and lived through 12 Universal Laws… They are briefly mentioned in many holy scriptures, but there is a Conscious Decision missing in most religions - that is a wonderful German word: SELBSTVERANTWORTUNG: Self - response-ability… Practising the 12 Laws, daily, gives you a deeper insight into your FAITH. It gives deeper meaning to Life & Love. Art gives me greater objectivity in many fields. Studying a cause in different perspectives, with a 12-Law attitude, keeps me coming back for more „details of reality“. I had the privilege every Child should have - I spent most of my Childhood in gardens… Nature, is the one TRUE HOLY SCRIPTURE… She is SACRED and our treatment of her is profane. There is more CIVILISATION in her, than we could ever „structure“. I can believe that Albert Einstein once said: Schaue ganz tief in die Natur, und dann verstehst du alles besser.“ - Once you have studied Nature more intensely, you will understand everything a lot better... We all have the Ability in us to be GREAT Beings. The Universe has graced us with FREE WILL. What we do with it, HOW we LOVE  & LIVE with it, is ultimately, ONLY up to us! Anyone who tells you differently, does not know the TRUE Meaning of LOVE or LIFE..