The Significance of

the Feminine

The Goal of these Artworks, are meant to

stimulate reflection, on Mother Earth‘s Identity,

which is so closely linked to our own!

1990 The Feminine Studies 1998 Portrait of Sara Private Collection South Africa 2015 Mother Sight Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood  Height: 38cms 500Euros 2015 Tree Spirit Study II
Growing up in Africa was a privilige. I was incredibly blessed to have so many strong women around me, and even more so, real men who could appreciate them. However, it was not Utopia. There were/are more men who don‘t appreciate the Significance of Women, or the Feminine, and, there are even women, who look upon it as weakness, instead of Virtue. I was raised to believe or see Earth as a Living Being, as Mother Earth. Our Mother instilled this deep awe & respect for Mother Earth in my Brother & I. A copy of Chief Seattle‘s Treaty Oration hung in our home… Our Grandfather came from the „Einstein Generation“, and he had an overwhelming respect for Life in all forms! As Einstein once said, There are two ways to live your Life:  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.“ I seek a Path to make our presence here, admired and appreciated!…
2015 Earth Spirit Study  A great rolemodel taught me that we, as Creators or  potters, should respect our materials/Sources. Each time we burn clay into a shape we made,  it will forever be unable to grow a living Being. No seed can sprout from crushed burned clay. The Earth lives. Take nothing for granted! 2015 Earth Spirit Study 2015 Ode to the Lowfeld Chestnut Tree, in South Africa Made in Germany  Ceranics Height - 50cms 350Euros 2015 Soul of a Tree Made in Germany Ceramics   Height: 44cms 450Euros 2015 Queen of Heaven,  is perhaps a myth and  perhaps she was a  paradigm of Religion,  many thousands  of years ago, when  matrichial rule was  nothing to be ashamed of… 2015 Queen of Heaven,  Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood  Height: 42cms 500Euros 2015 Romanian Earth Goddess  2015 Romanian Earth Goddess Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood  Height: 37cms 350Euros 2015 Celtic Tree Spirit Made in Germany Ceramics   Height: 34cms 450Euros